My mission is to help you find your inner peace through art.

Peace Be Upon You * Welcome to Siti Nuriati Studio.

I’m Siti, a realist painter based in Los Angeles. I started my art journey as a commissioned portrait artist in Malaysia. 

I quit portraiture after a decade in the art business. I’m grateful to have had my portrait work of Princess Diana published in 3 countries; Malaysia, the USA, and the UK. 

Currently, I paint only nature’s beauties; flowers and still life. 

Are you seeking inner peace for yourself? I’m on a mission — to help my collectors find their inner peace through art.

Two elements that I’m holding by in my life can help you achieve your inner peace. First, have a deeper connection with God by really looking at His creations. Two, enjoy and create art.

 This website is the first point of communication with me. I look forward to serving you.

“How beautiful, romantic, intricate, and peaceful your art is Masha Allah.
WE are the ones thrilled to have your art honor the pages of Azizah.”

Azizah Magazine Team, USA




“A beautiful card. We enjoy tomatoes, but we love your “Dancing Tomatoes”. You do elegant work!!!”

Shirley Samson, USA