18th Wedding Anniversary

Today, December 23rd, David and I celebrated our 18th Wedding Anniversary. David and I met over the Internet 20 years ago and we got married in Malaysia. He came two days prior to our wedding to celebrate my birthday. That was the most special event in my life that I’ll never forget!

Every year I never fail to make a special meal for every person’s birthday in my family and in this case, our anniversary. This time round, I wanted to share this special moment with you.

As much as I enjoy creating art, I also enjoy spending time in the kitchen. So I took time off to make a special menu for my family. I wasn’t planning to cook anything besides the grilled lamb at first. But as I was discussing with my youngest son, Yusuf, what else to cook, I came up with a few ideas.

First, I remembered how much I missed the black pepper sauce, that I usually got with dishes I ate in restaurants in Malaysia. Then, I thought to make Cumin Rice. Oh, and pineapple and cucumber salad too. You see from one idea sprang out many others and that’s how I came up with today’s menu. I ended up making all four dishes!

1. Group family photo
2. My son said that it felt like Eid since I set the table the way I did for our Eid Celebration.
3. My plate
4. We topped it off with our favorite dessert, a slice of cheesecake. (More photos for me to paint :))
5. Yusuf went out of his way to create a ‘Happy Anniversary’ banner for us.


I'm so thankful to have my husband and two sons who are very supportive of my art career. I pray that Allah, the Almighty God, blesses my husband and children and that He grants more beautiful time together, Insya Allah (God willing). I love them till Jannah (Paradise)! Amen.

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