How to Paint a Persimmon with Colored Pencil

As an artist, you should be open to painting all kinds of subjects. For example, in still life, there are a vast array of subjects that you can paint. Start with simple subjects and gradually paint the harder ones. This way, you'll improve your skills over time and won't feel discouraged so easily. In my […]

How to Make a Get Well Mini Gift Card

There are many craft tutorials that you can follow out there and they are very, very creative. What sets my tutorials apart from those is that I break down my process into 4 to 5 easy steps, so you can follow along without feeling overwhelmed. This week's tutorial is the final mini gift card project […]

How to Make a Smile Big Mini Gift Card

Surprise a dear friend with a mini card just to let her know how much you care. Best of all, you can make it yourself, easily and quickly! With minimal supplies (pattern paper, basic craft supplies and some embellishments) you can come up with a beautiful mini card that will elicit an 'ooh' from the […]

How to Paint a Pomegranate with Pastel

We’re taking a break from the ACEO Series for this month and in its place, I’m sharing my first ever pastel tutorial. The funny thing is even though I’m a pastel artist first and colored pencil second, I don’t have any pastel art tutorials. Pastel was the first medium I tried after years of using […]

How to Make a ‘Thanks’ Greeting Card

I like to use simple techniques that make a great impact on my crafting projects.  If you’re a beginning crafter, you should try out some simple techniques in your projects. Look around you.  Explore the things that interest you.  Record them in your sketch book.  You’ll be surprised at how much inspiration you’ll receive once you […]