Always Put Your Trust in God


It’s December.

It’s been over 5 months since we last got together as a family. We really miss our son, Ben. We’re looking forward to being together again this coming holiday leave.

I’m trying to convince Ben to fly home because it’s winter. As a mom, I’m worried about the road conditions and his safety.

But…he’s adamant about driving.

I’m worried, but what can I do? So I put my absolute trust in God.

As the day he’s supposed to start his leave nears, we don’t hear from him. So, we don’t know when he’s going to start driving to Los Angeles. I keep my expectations low because I don’t want to be disappointed.

Now, it’s Sunday.

We plan to visit with my mother in law but change our plan. Instead, I ask my younger son, Yusut, to start cleaning up since we don’t know when his brother will come home. As I finish cleaning my room, I hear a knock. It’s my MIL. We’re very happy to see her.

Then, as we prepare for Zuhr prayer, all of sudden, we hear loud honking coming from our driveway. My husband peaks through the blinds and thinks it’s his brother. I take a look, guess who it is?!

It’s BEN!

Oh, My, GOD!

My husband doesn’t believe it!

I tell him that it’s BEN!!!

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Indeed, God’s the best planner. He delivered our son to us in the most beautiful way. Ben drove for over 2 days and kept it a secret. Only his grandma knew about surprising us!

And boy did they! My heart was overjoyed to see him in the flesh.

I learned a great lesson again that day. I need to always put my absolute trust in God and have patience that whatever he has planned for me is for the best.

Thank you, God. All praise be to Him alone.

Stay kreatif,


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