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Try a Class

Now that my Ramadhan hiatus is over, I've been busy creating projects for Kreatif School, both for in-person and online classes.  

If you live in the Los Angeles Area, you can sign up for my in-person classes. If this is your first time taking a class with me, I encourage you to sign up for a Try a Class session for only $25. You can choose to try a colored pencil painting (example shown above) or card making.

Try a Class is a great way to test drive your skills and confidence.  You may not have tried art since grade school and have always thought you couldn’t draw or paint; or, you may not know how handmade cards are created. This is your chance to pick up new skills.  In my home studio environment, you’ll feel more relaxed and enjoy creating art, guided by yours truly.

Have a friend who’s yearning to try out one of these projects? Let them know about my Try a Class. I really appreciate it.  

Have a beautiful summer and stay kreatif,
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