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A general note to visitors

Given my limited time as a homeschooling mom, a creative artist, a business owner, a teacher, a wife and a mom, I’m unable to answer questions not directly related to my website.

My schedule is jam-packed with educating my children in the morning, producing creative classes, courses, artwork, products, and marketing and promotional materials in the afternoon. The rest of my time is for family and self-enrichment.  In addition, my weekend is reserved for side projects for my local communities.

I really appreciate your emails but I’m usually not able to respond to them due to my limited time constraints. I also spend very little time on social media.

A note to international visitors

Please don’t email me with questions about jobs, what to see in Los Angeles, and how to live in the USA in general.  Truthfully, I don’t have answers to all that.  With the advancement of technology and the world we live in, doing research online is easier than ever. Here’s some suggestions:  contact the local embassies, consulates, employers of your choice, schools, or colleges with your inquiries. It’s easier than you can ever imagine.

You can reach me by using the form below.