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Watercolor Fun

The challenge of creating a different painting every day for 100 days is a personal goal of mine. I’ve always wanted to paint realistic subjects in a limited amount of time. Instead of making the paintings alone in my studio, however, I’ll bring my viewers along with me on my journey while I explore a medium that I’ve never used before, watercolor. How? I’m going to record each painting on video without any preplanning whatsoever. I’ll just press record and paint away. By the end of the series, 100 videos will have been completed, ready for viewing!

- Siti Nuriati Husin, Creative Artist

Daily Painting Series

Video library of 100 watercolor fun paintings (and growing) that I recorded for this series.

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Create your own home gallery with these wonderful art prints. Display them in groups of four, six or nine. Choose from florals, fruits, or food.

Try your hand at coloring the subjects from the series using the same line drawings I used to create my paintings.