Are you experiencing depression, anxiety, or a major turning point in your life and need comfort?

Use this Coloring Book to Start Your Daily Painting Routine by Carving Out a Me-Time Session for Yourself

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How a Daily Painting Routine Can Help You Achieve Inner Peace

From the studio of Siti Nuriati Husin

Los Angeles, California

Dear friend,

In the digital age, we’re always connected to our phones. We’re being bombarded with news, social media, and gossip that don’t contribute positively to our lives. In the end, we wonder why we feel depressed, have mountains of anxiety, and suffer from comparisonitis.

 It is so important to have me time to do things that we love with our own hands and using our brains. 

When I created my own personal watercolor daily challenge for 100 days, I didn’t know that it would help me so much in my own personal growth. Humbly, I dived into learning a new medium, watercolor, with a mindset to explore and learn. 

I noticed that I was more focused and looked forward to my daily appointment with myself to create a painting of the things I wanted to paint. That daily practice helped me a lot in improving my mood and giving me inner peace and a sense of accomplishment.

I want to help YOU have your me-time doing art that’s fun!

If you’re experiencing depression, anxiety, and a major turning point in your life and need comfort, try out a daily painting.

Look Inside the Daily Painting Series Coloring Book

Look Inside the Daily Painting Series Coloring Book | Siti Nuriati Studio


100 FREE Videos

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I love your video, I am using your video for my art students. Thank you so much!! We are online so you are inspiring to my students. – Janet Buchanan

Each video is approximately 3 minutes long (the total running time of all 100 videos is about 5 hours). Every day, for one hundred days, I recorded a video of me painting a new subject. These videos are a great way to get a sneak peek at how I start and finish my paintings.

The motivation behind the videos

As a homeschool mom, wife, artist, and business owner, I am always busy. This requires me to manage my time wisely. When I was doing this video project, I decided not to be lazy and just put music as background noise. I wanted to tell a story of my journey in painting each subject. 

I didn’t realize the challenge I was up against. Writing scripts for 100 videos! I took the challenge, put my trust in God, and just did it.

I woke up earlier than my family members to write scripts, record the voiceovers, and watch the videos that my husband edited (I’m thankful my husband is my video editor). 

Creating 100 videos and 100 scripts is not a small task. Yet, this is the project I’m most proud of completing so far in my life.


I accomplished a project that I put my mind to and now, I can offer you this video library that’ll help you with your own daily challenge with this coloring book.


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I really hope you enjoy this coloring book and create so many beautiful paintings with the medium of your choice.  Most of all, I want you to truly enjoy your time.

Thanks and stay kreatif,

Siti Nuriati Husin

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Realist Painter and Founder

Siti Nuriati Studio

Siti Nuriati Husin is a Malaysian-born American realist painter and the founder of Siti Nuriati Studio. Self-trained as a portrait artist, Siti left portraiture behind after over a decade in the business. Siti now paints still life and florals as her main subjects. She also illustrates and designs products for 

Siti’s Princess Diana’s portraits were published in the UK in a pop art book titled, ‘Diana in Art’. The book features portraits from over 150 artists from around the world. In addition, Siti and her work have been featured in Malaysian magazines and a TV documentary. In the USA, her work has been featured in a Los Angeles local newspaper, the Daily News, and various publications, such as the Colored Pencil and Azizah magazines.

Siti regularly shares her art tutorials to inspire budding artists through her YouTube Channel, Siti Nuriati Studio TV. In 2016, after she finished recording her watercolor journey, 100 Daily Painting Series Watercolor Fun, she created watercolor illustrations for her new greeting card line. Little did she know that her journey would lead her to create home decor products. Explore Siti’s work at


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