Day 1 Chocolate Covered Cherry

Day 1 Chocolate Covered Cherry in Watercolor

Daily Kreatif Painting Series

Welcome to Day 1 of the Daily Kreatif Painting Series: Watercolor Fun.  

I kick off the series with a food painting. This is my first food painting and I’m excited and kind of nervous about painting it. I’m not sure if it will turn out as I’d hope.

I’ve never used professional watercolor paints. Sure, I used tempera paints in grade school, but I never quite understood how wet media worked. So, to pick up watercolor for the first time was a brave move for me.

You may notice that this first video is kinda short. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to record the whole painting process, but I figured I’d give it a try.

Before I started, I was figuring out what to paint first. I decided to work the same way as I do with colored pencils; which means I first paint the dark values, then the medium ones, and I finish with the light values. So, for this painting, I painted the chocolate first, then the cherry, and lastly, the liner.

What I find is,that with watercolor, I can’t really tell what color to use straight from the palette until I try it on my pan. I think I work a little slower with it than other media I use. But, you’ve got to start somewhere and it’s a learning process.

I loved the process and how it turned out. I might want to do more food paintings in this series. We’ll see how it goes.

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