Red Rose

Day 4 Red Rose in Watercolor

Daily Kreatif Painting Series

Welcome to Day 4 of the Daily Kreatif Painting Series: Watercolor Fun!

For the past two days I’ve shown you how I paint simpler subjects. So today I’m going to change course and paint a rose. I know it’s quite a complicated subject, but it’s my favorite flower and I’m sure it’s yours too. Talking about grade school again, I remember I always would get disappointed with my paintings of this pretty, yet thorny flower.

Another thing about painting them, as they are pretty challenging, is that you must pay close attention to the petals. I found it difficult to do this using my tempera paints before; they didn’t give me the result I wanted. Or should I say, I didn’t have the right method to begin with. Although, I knew a few students in my class simply just ‘got it’ in their paintings, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit jealous, okay, really jealous. They were tackling their watercolor paintings so, so, well.

So, now, being an experienced artist, I’ve learned a proper method to paint this flower. I find that starting with blocking the darkest value first, that is finding the darkest areas and putting the dark paint first, helps to anchor the rest of the painting.

So, my method is to attempt the painting one petal at a time. You heard me correctly, one petal at a time. It’ll save you from a lot of headaches. But with watercolor it’s a bit different because you can put a wash on all of the petals and then go back to darken the values.

So far, I really enjoy using watercolor because it’s fast compared to colored pencil. I love pastel but I think watercolor is going to be my most favorite medium now. I know I need to practice it more.

Using brushes, pencils or pastel sticks is different. I’m still figuring out the best way to mix colors. Like I said in the first video, I need to take the colors out and mix them on the pan. If you have any suggestions on how to recognize colors, let me know in the comments.

I figured out that as I do more painting, I can figure out what paints I use the most and the best way to mix them. Even though you can read about watercolor from books, it’s best to pick up the brushes and try them out yourself. And play with the paints so you get the hang of them. You’ll get to know your paints better this way.

For me, this is like a comeback. I never thought I’d give watercolor a go, so I’m really happy that I’m giving it a second chance; or should I say giving a wet media a second chance.

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