Day 6 Chinese Pear in Watercolor

Daily Kreatif Painting Series

Welcome to Day 6 of the Daily Kreatif Painting Series: Watercolor Fun!

This pear is called Ya Pear in Chinese, comes in yellow skin. We bought this fruit at the night market in Malaysia when we visited there awhile back. You can find a lot of these pears there. Here in the States, however, you can usually only find them in the Chinese markets. Last Friday, we visited a local Chinese market and it was a delight to find these pears there.

If you’ve never seen Chinese pears before, you can see here that they’re yellow all over, with brown spots.

The flesh inside is white. The taste: if you’ve never tasted it before, it has high water content; therefore it’s juicy, crispy, and light, great to quench your thirst. Unlike pears here, in the western countries, where the pears are dense and sweet and are perfect to poach or to make pies with, this pear is probably best used in salads or just eaten raw.

My goal for this painting is to duplicate the spots on the pear. This is quite an easy subject to paint, but the complicated part will be putting those spots on it. Well, I’ll just focus on the fruit first and do the details last.

So, after I’m satisfied with the overall look, I move on to putting the brown spots on the skin. Okay, being honest here, not going to go wild doing these spots but I try my very best to put the spots any where I see fit. I want to have a visual effect that this fruit has spots on it.

I’ll definitely study this fruit more when I buy it again. The added details on the dots enhance the realism of this painting.

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