Day 8 Dancing Rose in Watercolor

Daily Kreatif Painting Series

Welcome to Day 8 of the Daily Kreatif Painting Series: Watercolor Fun!

I told you before that I love to paint roses.

You see, you’ll never run out of ideas when painting roses. You can choose to paint them from different angles or from far away or close up. You can also paint different colored roses, paint just the petals, or paint them just after it has rained. There are so many options for it. In fact, you can do a whole series of just roses.

Okay, this time I chose to paint a rose with an interesting shape from this angle, with two petals on the left, one is pointing up and the other is pointing down.

So I started with a watery, slightly darker paint of pink. I blocked the darker areas in between the petals. Then, I added shades of pink to all the petals with a lighter pink and darker pink.

I wanted to work a little looser this time. I don’t really follow the rules, painting petal by petal. I just wanted to experiment. Remember, the series is about having fun with watercolors, so I’m allowing myself to experiment with this medium and work loose, something that’s not my usual style.

You see, the more you paint flowers, the more you understand the nature of them. At first, it might seem daunting to figure out the petals, where they point at, their individual shapes and their layers. As you do more paintings, you’ll be able to learn to see the light and dark sources that help to define the petals. You can definitely achieve this knowledge with a lot of practice. Like I said at the beginning, you can take this one subject and make a whole series of paintings. That’d be fun to explore.

Well, well, I can work in a loose style after all, huh? As you can see here, I use my pointy brush and tighten the edges of the petals before I call this painting finished.

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