Day Trip to Pasadena

My eldest son, Ben, was home for his two-week winter holiday vacation and we were overjoyed. All praise is to God for reuniting us back as one family.

I officially took off from work and enjoyed my holidays with my beloved family.

Ben had a multi-point car inspection appointment at the Cadillac car dealership in Pasadena the day after he arrived. After driving for more than two days, he needed to make sure the car was in good condition.

We went to Pasadena first thing in the morning. While waiting for them to do the inspection, we took the time to tour Pasadena.

Watch the Video Now

You may or may not be familiar with Pasadena, especially if you are a foreign-born person like me. It’s mostly known for hosting the Rose Parade every Jan 1st.

When I was a teenager, back in Malaysia, I used to stay up late and watch the Rose Parade with my parents.

But to be here, in person, with my family is just so wonderful. I thank God for the opportunity He blessed me with.

Watch the video where I share the Friedman Family’s day trip to Pasadena.

Have you been to Pasadena? If so, what are your favorite places to explore? I’d love to know.

Stay kreatif,


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