EPISODE #001 – Artistic Success: Set Your Intention and Goals

Not having a chance when you were younger to pursue art doesn’t mean that’s the end of your dream.  In fact, at this point in my life, I strongly believe you don’t need to pursue art in college in order to be an artist.

To be a successful, creative artist, it’s all about creatively blending your artistic skills with the skills that you acquire through studies, work, and of course, your own life experiences.

About Today's Podcast:

Probably one of my favorite parts in business, other than creating art, is goal planning.  When I first started doing part time portrait commissions, I struggled with handling the business side.  The only thing I could think of was to apply what I learned in college to my art business.

As time passed and I got more experience, I realized that being successful with an art business isn’t much different than being successful with any other business.  However, you must start with one very important element: your intention.

In this Episode #001, You'll Learn:

  • intention is the first thing you need to work on before you start anything in your life
  • artists are not excused from having to making goals to be successful
  • my 3 step, goal setting plan that I use everyday
  • a belief system that will help keep you grounded until you get your first breakthrough


Your Turn

I appreciate you taking the time to comment with your questions and your thoughts.

What’s one goal, which you’ve wanted to achieve for the longest time, that you want to include in your first six month goal setting plan?

Leave a comment and let's start the conversation.


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Thank you so much and I really hope I inspired you to achieve your dream.

Wishing you success,

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