WIP Froot Loops Cereal in Pastel

It’s been a while since I’ve recorded any Art Tutorials so I’m thrilled to bring you my first tutorial in my main medium, pastel. For those of you who are not familiar with my work, I work primarily with pastel.

Over the years, 10 years to be precise, after I left portraiture, I stopped producing pastel paintings to learn and master other art medium and papercrafts. But I can assure you that you'll see more pastel works in progress videos coming your way, as I'm currently working on producing more pastel paintings.

This first tutorial is a fun one, a food painting! If you or your children love eating Froot Loops, then you must watch this tutorial! In my painting career as a pastelist, this is the first time that I've painted food.

Here’s how I painted my favorite cereal:

    1. I started with the background and, at the same time, worked on the first green froot loop.
    2. I developed the second loop, the yellow one, while still working on the background. Notice that I mapped out the darkest values on the froot loops. I did this so I wouldn’t lose those areas when I came back to do the details.
    3. I worked on the red loop in the same manner as the previous loops.
    4. Things were getting more interesting as I worked on the fourth loop, the orange one, and worked on the background as well. At this point, I wasn’t too worried about the details of my subject as I'll add them when I get to the detailing step.
    5. I placed the shadow on the right side of the bottom loop before I added a few layers of color on the background. It may look like a dark shadow but after I blended it with lighter pastels, the result was a soft shadow.
    6. After several months working on this painting while also working on other new pastel works, I finally completed the painting.

Find out how I replicate the cereal's rough texture in the video below:

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