How to Make a ‘Celebrate’ Greeting Card

How to Make a 'Celebrate' Greeting Card

Do you always find yourself pausing in front of the greeting card aisle, looking at the beautiful cards and wishing that you could make them yourself?

Well, now you can!

After many years of doing paper crafting, I’ve finally come up with my own method that can be applied to any craft project.

Is this your first time making a card? You’ll find following my method to prepare your card can help you from feeling overwhelmed.

About Today's Paper Craft Tutorial:

You’re going to love this simple, yet adorable card. Learn my favorite technique - tearing paper, in this first video tutorial.

Also, I’ll show you how to cover the inside of the card too. I’m sure you‘ll agree that decorating the inside leaves a much better impression than just leaving it blank.

What You'll Learn:

Make your own card using these four easy steps:

  1. Prepare the card surface
  1. ‘Dress’ the card surface
  1. Embellish the card
  1. Seal to perfection

Watch the Video

Click to watch the ‘Celebrate’ greeting card tutorial from start to finish.

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