How to Make a Congrats Mini Gift Card

How to Make a 'Congrats' Mini Gift Card

We're still kicking off the new year. Today, we're going to do a mini project.  I believe in breaking up a big task into smaller, manageable tasks. This is a vital strategy to follow to fully master what you are learning.   

If you find making big cards intimidates you, this project will help eliminate those fears and jumpstart your inner creativity.  And, after you've done several mini cards, you'll then find it much easier to move on to bigger projects.

About Today's Paper Craft Tutorial:

You may ask yourself, what can I create with a mini sized card?  At first, it may seem that there's not much you can create with such a small card, but you'll be wowed by the final product that we produce today.

What You'll Learn:

I'm going to show you how to combine several beautiful embellishments to create a stunning mini card. 

We're going to do the following:

  • Prepare the mini card's surface
  • Cover it with papers
  • Embellish it with flat and 3D embellishments
  • Seal the card to make it last. 

Let's get started!

Follow the Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1. Prepare the Gift Card Surface

Step 0

First, prepare the Gift Card surface using some leftover cardstock.  Trim down the cardstock to 5 1/2" x 2 1/2". After that, fold it from the top. You'll wind up with a 2 3/4" x 2 1/2" mini card.

Step 2.  'Dress' the Gift Card Surface

Dressing the card simply means covering the blank card with pattern paper.  I start by applying glue to the card surface.

I chose this soft, pastel yellow and blue pattern paper because it has an interesting bottom border.  Adhere the paper to the bottom right corner of the blank card.  Make sure that the paper is aligned with the edge of the card.

Turn the card over and cut off the excess paper carefully with big scissors.  To achieve a nice look for the card, place the scissors against the cardstock as you cut the paper off.

For the inside, take the coordinating blue pattern paper and repeat the process as you did for the front.  Apply glue on the inside card surface.  Adhere the paper on the surface and cut off the excess paper.

Once the card is fully covered with the pattern papers, ink the edges on all sides, front and inside.  This will enhance and define the edges.

Step 3. Embellish the Gift Card

I start off by using a gold dazzles frame.  Place it on the left side of the mini card, turning the corner up like shown in the picture above.

I also incorporate a small, green paper rose.  First, snip off the wire under the rose. 


Keep the wire for future projects.

Now, dab some tacky glue under the rose and adhere it to the gold dazzles frame. 

Next, stamp the word, Congratulations, on the blue area.

 I add blue border dazzles on the top edge of the mini card, snipping off the excess border.

As a final touch, I add yellow baker's twine. I wrap it around the front of the card a few times.  Add glue to seal the twine to the surface.

Step 4. Seal to Perfection

(OPTIONAL) For the final sealing, I use tacky glue to seal the edges of the pattern papers to the cardstock.

I use a small brush to dab on the glue. I run it on the edges, lifting the papers as I go.  Do this to all sides. Don't forget to smooth them as well with a bone folder. 


I can guarantee you that this small-sized, gift card is fun to make and a great way to warm up your paper crafting skills.

Here's the finished, Congratulations Mini Gift Card. 

Front of Gift Card

Inside of Gift Card

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