How to Make a ‘Congratulations’ Greeting Card

How to Make a 'Congratulations' Greeting Card

I like to use simple techniques that make a great impact on my crafting projects.  If you’re a beginning crafter, you should try out some simple techniques in your projects. 

Look around you.  Explore the things that interest you.  Record them in your sketch book.  You’ll be surprised at how much inspiration you’ll receive once you start writing or sketching.


About Today's Paper Craft Tutorial:

Let’s tear paper – the stylish way, of course!  I must say that this is my favorite card project so far.  What’s really special about this card is that I combine it with a tulle. Incorporating this technique with your cards will make them look so stylish, that your recipient will love to show their card off to others.


What You'll Learn:

Make your own card using these four easy steps:

  1. Prepare the card surface
  1. ‘Dress’ the card surface
  1. Embellish the card 
  1. Seal to perfection


Watch the Video

Click to watch the ‘Congrats’ greeting card tutorial from start to finish.