How to Make a Get Well Mini Gift Card

How to Make a 'Get Well' Mini Gift Card

There are many craft tutorials that you can follow out there and they are very, very creative. What sets my tutorials apart from those is that I break down my process into 4 to 5 easy steps, so you can follow along without feeling overwhelmed.

This week's tutorial is the final mini gift card project for the year. Hint: a new set of Craft Tutorials will start in May. I do hope that you found these mini gift card tutorials helpful in getting you started with your crafting endeavor.

About Today's Paper Craft Tutorial:

Combining 3D elements in a small project may seem impossible. However, no matter how small the project is, you can still give a detailed look to it, without working too hard to achieve it.

What You'll Learn:

In this project, I’ll show you how to use 3D paper roses. You’ll resize them so they fit on the front of your mini gift card.

We'll start off with the following:

  1. Preparing the mini card's surface
  2. Covering it with paper
  3. Embellishing it with flat and 3D embellishments
  4. Sealing the card to make it last

Let's get started!

Follow the Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1. Prepare the Gift Card Surface

Step 0

Preparing the surface for the mini gift card can be done using scrap cardstock. If you buy cardstock, don't opt for cutting, you can always use the scrap from other projects to make mini's. Cut out a 5 1/2" x 2 1/2" card, score the center with a bone folder and fold the card from the top.

Step 2. 'Dress' the Gift Card Surface

Get Well Step 1

To start, punch out both corners of the card with a corner punch.

Apply glue with a glue stick on the front surface. I start off with a glue stick because it doesn't bond permanently which will allow you to easily peel off and re-position your paper later on if the need arises.

Get Well Step 2

Now, adhere the dark brown paper by aligning the paper to the mini card surface. Smooth the surface with a bone folder.

Get Well Step 3

Turn the card over and cut off the excess paper with big scissors.

For the inside, use light sand pattern paper. Put glue on the surface and adhere the paper to it. Smooth out the surface, flip the card and cut off the excess paper.

Get Well Step 4

Next, instead of using another pattern paper, I'm using a tag with a design on the top and plenty of blank space on the rest of the tag. To prepare the tag, ink its edges.

Get Well Step 5

Flip the tag and apply glue on the surface leaving the bottom area unglued

Get Well Step 6

Adhere the tag on the left side of the card with the top of the tag on the bottom of the card. Since the tag extends pass the mini card, cut off the excess so it aligns with the edge of the card.

Step 3. Embellish the Gift Card

Get Well Step 7

Since the mini card won’t be going in an envelope, I can freely use the 3D flower. I use these pretty paper roses as the main focal point for the front.

The roses come with wires, so fold and twist them so they’re tall enough to fit perfectly on the card.

Get Well Step 8

Glue the roses with fabric tac glue. Press the wire down for a few seconds to make it bond well.

Now fold the paper butterfly softly. Apply glue just on the center and adhere it on the right corner of the card.

Then place the word 'Get Well' next to the tag, just above the butterfly.

Get Well Step 9

To add a little shine to the mini card, I add a gold border dazzle sticker to the top edge. Cut off any excess.

Finish off with Lavender Lace liquid pearl making dots on the center of the butterfly.

Step 4. Seal to Perfection

Get Well Step 10

I finish off sealing my mini card with tacky glue because just using a glue stick alone won't bond the papers permanently.

With a small brush, dab some glue and run it on the edges of the surface. Smooth out the surface with the bone folder. Do it on all sides, the front and the inside of mini card.

Just a little touch of the paper roses really enhances the look of the mini card.

Here's the finished, Get Well Mini Gift Card.

Mini Gift Card Get Well Front Front of Gift Card

Mini Gift Card Get Well Inside

Inside of Gift Card

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