How to Make a Hello Mini Gift Card

How to make a 'Hello' Mini Gift Card

If you have a small gift to give to a friend and don't have the time to trudge on down to the store just to get one card, then consider trying out my mini gift card project. 

The result: an awesome looking card.

 About Today's Paper Craft Tutorial:

One of the most interesting, paper crafting techniques that I love is the peek-a-boo.  With this technique, you place a flower or a note under the folded corner. By doing this, you'll make your card look extra special. 

 What You'll Learn:

I'm going to walk you through the use of two papers, instead of one, for the front.  I'll also share an easy, paper folding technique.

We're going to do the following:

* Prepare the mini card's surface

* Cover it with papers

* Embellish it with flat and 3D embellishments

* Seal the card to make it last

Let's get started!

 Follow the Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1. Prepare the Gift Card Surface

Step 0

First, cut out a piece of cardstock, 5 1/2" x 2 1/2".  Then fold the card from the top.  Use a bone folder to smooth out your fold.  Your mini card surface is now ready to be dressed.


Keep your cardstock scraps for future mini projects.

 Step 2.  'Dress' the Gift Card Surface

Next, to cover the blank mini gift card surface, apply glue on the front.  Using a glue stick, at first, will allow you to easily reposition your paper, should you wish to do so later on.

The first pattern paper I use is the red one.  To align the paper, adhere it to the corner of the blank card. Not only does your card look great, but you also save paper as well.

Now turn the card over and, with big scissors, cut off the excess.

Next, cover the red paper with another pattern paper. The red paper now acts as a border, leave about 1/4 of an inch around the edges.

Put the second paper as shown above.  Mark the edges,  the top, and sides, with a pencil. This will serve as your cutting guides.  The second paper has to be a little smaller than the first to create a border for your card.

Flip the card over and trim it with scissors or a paper trimmer. 

Before gluing down the paper, ink the edges with a maroon ink pad.  Then, flip the paper over, put glue on the back surface, avoiding the right corner of the paper.  Adhere the paper to the center of the card.

For the inside card, use a blue paper.  Open the card and apply glue on the surface, adhere the paper and cut off the excess.

 Step 3. Embellish the Gift Card

Now the part that wasn't covered with glue, fold it left, at an angle, and insert it through a pink brad. 

Next, tuck a blue paper flower underneath the folded paper and glue it down.  Accent the flower with a green sticker in the center.

Next, cover the top edge of the second paper with a gold border dazzle sticker.

Adhere the white word sticker, 'Hello', inside the gold frame dazzle sticker.  To accent the frame, add red, flat metal stickers.

 Step 4. Seal to Perfection

To properly seal the papers to the surface, I use tacky glue.  With a brush, peel the paper and run the glue along the surface.  Smooth out the paper with a bone folder.  Do this on all edges of the cards.

You'll be amazed by the huge smiles that you'll get from such a small card.

Here's the finished, Hello Mini Gift Card. 

Front of Gift Card

Inside of Gift Card 

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