How to Make a Smile Big Mini Gift Card

How to make a Smile Big Mini Gift Card

Surprise a dear friend with a mini card just to let her know how much you care. Best of all, you can make it yourself, easily and quickly!

With minimal supplies (pattern paper, basic craft supplies and some embellishments) you can come up with a beautiful mini card that will elicit an 'ooh' from the receiver.

About Today's Paper Craft Tutorial:

Have you seen ready made stickers in the store and thought how you could use them? Well, those stickers will help you save time in your paper crafting projects.

What You'll Learn:

In this project, I’ll show you how to customize your ready-made sticker, by combining it with other embellishments on the front of the mini card.

We'll start off with the following:

  1. Prepare the mini card's surface
  2. Cover it with papers
  3. Embellish it with flat and 3D embellishments
  4. Seal the card to make it last

Let's get started!

Follow the Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1. Prepare the Gift Card Surface

Step 0

All of my paper crafting projects begin with a blank surface. First, trim the cardstock to 5 1/2" x 2 1/2". Then fold it, bringing the top edge to the bottom edge. Smooth the card’s fold with a bone folder.

Then cut off a quarter of an inch from the bottom of the front card.

Step 2. 'Dress' the Gift Card Surface

Smile Big Step 1

I use this pretty, green, polka dot paper for the front of the card. First, apply glue to the front surface with a glue stick.

Smile Big Step 2

Then, adhere the pattern paper to the blank surface. Matching the corners not only produces a clean edge, you’ll also be able to save the excess pattern paper for other projects. Align the papers and smooth the surface with a bone folder.

Smile Big Step 3

To cut off the excess paper, turn the card over and use the big scissors.

For the inside of the mini card, take a pink pattern paper, apply glue and adhere it to the surface. Cut off the remaining excess paper.

Smile Big Step 4

Next, with the brown ink pad, ink the edges of the front and inside of the mini card. Inking will give your card a defined look.

Step 3. Embellish the Gift Card

Smile Big Step 5

The reason why I cut a 1/4" from the bottom of the card is because I want to add lace there. Adding the lace gives the card a nice texture. To do this, use fabric tac glue, a glue for fabric, to create a strong bond.

Start from the left side of the card, lay the lace across it and cut off the excess.


Smile Big Step 6For this mini card, I chose to use a ready made foam sticker; a flower with the greeting, 'Smile Big'. Adhere the sticker to the left side of the mini card and smooth the edges.

Smile Big Step 7

Since the lace is white, I place a white swirl dazzle sticker next to the flower sticker. Place the sticker just under the foam sticker.


Smile Big Step 8 Add crystal stickers to add some bling to the wording. Use 3 stickers at the top of the word 'Smile' and one more sticker at the bottom of the word 'Big'.

Step 4. Seal to Perfection

Smile Big Step 9

I take an extra step to seal the mini card with tacky glue. This step ensures that the papers bond to the card surfaces. With a brush, apply glue on the blank surface. Do it on all sides of the front of the card and the inside of the card.

Don't you think this card is quite easy to make, and yet grabs your attention? Make it today for your dear friend…that’ll make her day fabulous!

Here's the finished, Smile Big Mini Gift Card.

Smile Big Front Front of Gift Card


Smile Big Inside

Inside of Gift Card