How to Paint a Persimmon with Colored Pencil

How to Paint a Persimmon with Colored Pencil

As an artist, you should be open to painting all kinds of subjects. For example, in still life, there are a vast array of subjects that you can paint. Start with simple subjects and gradually paint the harder ones. This way, you'll improve your skills over time and won't feel discouraged so easily.

In my ACEO Series Tutorials, my goal is to guide you in your art journey with the wonderful medium, colored pencil.

About Today's Fine Art Tutorial:

Persimmons, like tomatoes, are quite easy to paint because their skins are smooth and shiny. But the challenging part to paint, its top, has lots of hills and valleys. This can make it look harder to paint than it really is.

Don't let it fool you!

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to paint a persimmon and I'll share with you my secret on how to handle the challenging part, the persimmon's top.

What You'll Learn:

We will analyze the photo reference, transfer the line drawing and then follow the painting sequence, utilizing these 5 easy steps:

  1. Study the Photo Reference
  1. Transfer the Line Drawing
  1. Paint the Darkest Value of an Object
  1. Paint the Medium Value of an Object
  1. Paint the Lightest Value of an Object

Watch the Video

Click to watch the video to follow my step by step Persimmon tutorial in colored pencil from start to finish.

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