How to Paint a Pomegranate with Pastel

How to paint a Pomegranate with Pastel

We’re taking a break from the ACEO Series for this month and in its place, I’m sharing my first ever pastel tutorial. The funny thing is even though I’m a pastel artist first and colored pencil second, I don’t have any pastel art tutorials.

Pastel was the first medium I tried after years of using pencils to develop my artistic skills. I picked up my first set of artist’s grade pastel called Rembrandt, in 1996. I’ve produced a large number of portraits in pastel, mainly commissioned work, in the past and absolutely love working with it.

However, pastel takes a while to master, especially if you paint portraits. But, I find it’s not a problem for still lifes; with fruits and floral you don’t have to achieve super realism.

As with all skills, the most important thing to remember is to keep practicing your art in order to hone your skills and creativity.


About Today's Fine Art Tutorial:

Pomegranates are interesting subjects to paint. My first pastel painting shows you a simple shape of a fruit with a simple composition.

Also, you’ll see that adding more colors, layer upon layer, will produce a realistic looking pomegranate with a deep, rich maroon red color.


What You'll Learn:

If you love this medium or just want to dabble in it, you’re going to want to follow along with the steps I’m showing today. I’ve broken down my painting process into 3 steps:

  1. Establish the Background & Foreground
  1. Paint the Pomegranate
  1. Details


Watch the Video

Click to watch the video to follow my step by step, ‘Pomegranate’, tutorial in pastel from start to finish.