How to Paint Green Apples with Colored Pencil (ACEO Series)

How To Paint Green Apples with Colored Pencil

Having trouble finding inspiration for your paintings?  Finding a muse for your art is easy, no matter where you live.  I can assure you that you’ll find subjects everywhere, if you pay real close attention to your surroundings. 

About Today's Fine Art Tutorial:

This month you’ll learn how to paint green apples.  I found these beauties in my own backyard and had to paint them.  If you think they look complicated to paint then watch the whole video first, before you attempt to paint them.

What You'll Learn:

We will analyze the photo reference, transfer the line drawing and then follow the painting sequence, utilizing these 5 easy steps:

  1. Study the Photo Reference
  1. Transfer the Line Drawing
  1. Paint the Darkest Value of an Object
  1. Paint the Medium Value of an Object
  1. Paint the Lightest Value of an Object


Watch the Video

Click to watch the video to follow my step by step, Green Apples, tutorial in colored pencil from start to finish.

Want to try it YOURSELF?