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Realist Painter and Kreatif Coach

When Siti’s beloved, late parents told her that artists can’t make a living doing art, she agreed with their choice to study Executive Secretaryship. She made a promise to herself that she’d pick up art after she graduated college.

After she earned her diploma and worked as a secretary, she started her budding portrait commission business on the side. As education is important for growth, she decided to continue her studies. She had a choice between pursuing art in college or a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration(with a focus in Marketing), which could help her with her art business. She chose the latter. 

To date, Siti, who has mastered four different media (pencil, pastel, colored pencil, and watercolor), has had her portrait work of Princess Diana published in a coffee table book in the UK and featured in various media in Malaysia and the United States.

Siti is living proof that you don’t need a college degree to be an artist. 

Her mission is to help aspiring Muslim artists who yearn to rebirth their artistic journey and make a living doing art that pleases Allah.

With over two decades of experience under her belt as a working fine artist, and armed with creative and business skills that she also earned over the years, Siti can help you not only master your fine art skills but also additional creative skills that can help contribute to the success in your creative entrepreneurial journey.

Siti’s coaching program teaches you everything you need to learn to shorten your learning curve. Siti will personally work with you one on one and make sure of your success as an artist.  

If you want to create paintings like Siti and learn the other skills she acquired to be a successful artist, get her mentorship by signing up for her art coaching program.

Kreatif School Explained

Kreatif School is dedicated to helping beginning Muslim fine artists unlock their creative side.

Shorten your learning curve using the proven step-by-step method in creating successful paintings.

Whether it’s been a while since you’ve drawn with your pencils and want desperately to start over, or you want to learn new skills but haven’t been able to find a creative place where you fit in, or you are looking to master some new skills so you can start your own side business, Kreatif School is your answer.

Imagine You‘re Clear with Your Artistic Goal


Art Genre

Choose the art genre that you want to be known for.


Build Confidence

Gain confidence in painting by honing your creative skills; select a subject, choose a color palette, and create your masterpieces.


Artist Type

Find out what kind of artist you are.

Kreatif School IS for you if…

✔  You’re fascinated by realistic paintings.

✔  You love working with pencil, pastel, colored pencil, or watercolor.

✔  You have the patience and dedication to become a successful artist.


Art Coaching

Take your art to the next level with Siti. She’ll guide you on your creative journey through her one-on-one Art Coaching sessions.

“Siti uses several tried and tested methods for tackling each part of the subject, applying each method based on time usage and efficiency.  She takes her time teaching each part of the subject, I highly recommend trying out a class with Siti.  You’ll love working with her and you’ll want to do more than try out one class with her.”

Benjy F., USA