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Siti Nuriati’s Classes: Kreatif Arts and Business

I’m Siti Nuriati and I’m glad you came here to find out about KREATIF S C H O O L.

Kreatif School aims to teach you my own methods in fine arts, paper crafts and kreatif business, all under one roof.

My mission is to offer classes that help you build your confidence and that enable you to master kreatif skills of your choice, so you can start making a living as an artist on the side.

Whether you haven’t picked up your pencils in a long time and want desperately to start over, just want to learn new skills but haven’t been able to find a kreatif place where you fit in, or are just looking to master some new skills so you can start your own side business…

Welcome to Kreatif School!

Siti Nuriati Husin
Creative Artist & Founder

Master Artistic Skills for Life

Enroll in classes that will unlock your creative potential!

Focus only on the skill that you most want to develop, one step at a time.

Siti Nuriati Studio Kreatif School Class


The exact method I’ve used for years to create my paintings and paper crafts.

Also, I’ll include a list of the ‘must have’ basic supplies to help you get started, along with my detailed step by step process so you can complete successful projects.


Get familiar with my tips and techniques.

I’ll walk you through all my nitty-gritty preparations, my secret steps, how I correct mistakes, and more, to help you succeed in creating your class projects and eventually your own projects. 

Classes that Suit YOUR needs

Online Fine Art Classes

Kreatif School’s online classes’ guide beginners to paint realistic still lifes by starting out with small paintings. Why? Well, when you’re just starting out, large paintings can be so intimidating and complex that it’ll reinforce your belief that you can’t paint. Starting off with small paintings will help you gain the confidence that you’ll need to help you overcome the obstacles that you’ll face later on when doing large paintings.

In Person Classes

If you’re a local (Los Angeles Area), come and join my in-person classes and workshops.  You’ll get the motivation you need to get started and stay on track.  Plus, you’ll get direct input on your work and the answers to any questions you have.  Also, you’ll get to make some new friends with other beginning painters

Try A Class

Try A Class

You Can Paint!

Fine Art Classes

Greeting Card Classes

Greeting Card Classes