Why I’m Passionate in Helping You

In the early 90’s, while still in college, I frequented Central Market in Kuala Lumpur to watch talented, working portraits artists. Since I learn through observation, I gained a lot of knowledge by just watching them. One day I got the courage to ask an artist if I could bring one of my portraits for him to critique. He humiliated me in front of his colleagues by saying, “You’re going to take my business away! Well, you can show me, but I won’t critique it.”

I was devastated. I vowed never to go to that spot again!

It never crossed my mind that someday I’d be teaching art. I don’t have an art degree. I worked my way up from the bottom to become recognized as an artist.  When I look back at that moment, it reminds me to not be selfish like that artist. Knowledge should be shared, not kept a secret. That’s why I created Kreatif School, to help emerging artists succeed with arts, crafts, and creative business.

Siti Nuriati Kreatif School Founder-R

I’m Siti Nuriati and I truly believe you are Kreatif, talented and made the right choice to pursue your art.

If you’re facing one of these obstacles:


Objections from family members trying to convince you that artists don’t make a good living.


Concerns about paying massive art tuition and taking courses that you’re not passionate about.


You feel stuck in your cubicle job and wish you could have more time for your art.

It’s time to take your future in your hands.

I’m here to help you unlock your kreatif side.

Siti Nuriati Studio Start Here

Kreatif School aims to teach you my unique methods for creating fine arts, paper crafts and a creative business, all under one roof.

My mission is to provide classes that help you build your confidence and that enable you to master creative skills of your choice.

Whether you haven’t picked up your pencils in a long time and want desperately to start over, want to learn new skills but haven’t been able to find a creative place where you fit in, or you are looking to master some new skills so you can start your own side business, Kreatif School is your answer.


Master Artistic Skills for Life


The exact method I’ve used for years to create my paintings and paper crafts.

Also, I’ll include a list of the ‘must have’ basic supplies to help you get started, along with my detailed step by step process so you can complete successful projects.


Get familiar with my tips and techniques.

I’ll walk you through all my nitty-gritty preparations, my secret steps, how I correct mistakes, and more, to help you succeed in creating your class projects and eventually your own projects. 

Kreatif School Art Coaching

Save the time and headaches of trying to figure out how to paint your favorite subjects from start to finish. In private art coaching, we’ll focus on what you want to paint rather than a pre-chosen subject. Not only will you get motivated by painting your favorite subjects, you’ll also own the rights to your paintings. Book a session today and I ’ll prepare a full guide from your own photo references so you can work on your paintings right away.