Learn to Stay on Task with these 3 Tips

Are you an artist working from your home studio and find it a struggle to keep up with all the chores that you need to do every day and find time to focus on your art?

Today’s topic: how to stay on task and stay motivated throughout your day.

You see, besides running my creative business from my home office, I’m also a learning coach to my youngest son, a 3rd grader. I’ve been homeschooling both my children for a little over 10 years now.

I want to share with you three tips that I’m personally doing that you can implement in your daily routine.

Tip 1: Wake up early

This is my practice on a daily basis. As a Muslim, I’m commanded to pray 5 times a day starting with a morning prayer before dawn. But I make an effort to wake up much earlier to do an extra prayer, read some verses from the Quran (Islam’s Holy Book), which I consider food for the soul, and wait for the proper time to do the first prayer.

Because I do this daily, if I ever miss it, I feel the rest of my day doesn’t go according to plan. So I strive hard to catch my morning routine. Also, spiritually, that morning hour is my chance to connect with God.

So if you have your own spiritual practice, I highly recommend that you give it priority before anything else. I can assure you that your day will go smoother and you’ll feel more productive.

Tip 2: Keep a Planner

In the social media age, we tend to write less. But if you consistently take the time to write a list of 3-5 things you need to do every morning, you’ll be more focused. I keep a planner that has monthly and weekly sections. Having a physical planner makes it easy for me to write things down in one place.

Before I start any chores, I write down in my planner a list of task or goals that I need to accomplish for the day. At the end of the day, I evaluate the things that I wrote down and check off the ones I’m done with.

You may encounter some days where it’s hard to achieve anything even when you write your tasks or goals down. Things happen and your day gets interrupted. But it’s okay. Instead of focusing on the things that you didn’t achieve, focus on doing better the next day.

Tip 3: Organize Your Desk

Okay, I want to share with you my number one habit, organizing. I love to keep things neat and want my family to do the same too. As someone who used to work as a secretary, this skill is vital in my success in tackling my daily chores. To me, if your desk is messy, that reflects how messy your brain is.

You can’t think straight. You can’t prioritize. You lose stuff like important bills that you need to pay. You miss deadlines on important work. I can go on and on.

So please, take my advice on this. Organize your desk whether it’s at work, your home office, your home studio, or your study table. You’ll feel much better.

My friends always ask me how I can accomplish so many things; homeschooling, producing paintings, taking care of family and so on.

There’s no secret.

Even though I work from my home office, I treat my home as a business and I’ve been doing this routine since I had my first child, almost 18 years ago.

I hope these three tips help motivate you to tackle the tasks like a champion. Let me know how it goes!

Prefer to listen? Click the video below: