My Kreatif Process for New Product Designs

New Product Designs Banner

I’m constantly looking for inspiration for my product designs.  I got the idea to create bright and beautiful bursts of colors for the backgrounds for my new designs. So, I tried both colored pencil and watercolor.  While both are excellent choices to create backgrounds, what I really needed was to create a nice, quick range of different colors.  

Then, I turned to my acrylic paints. I only had the basic colors; white, black, brown, red, and a few other colors. My last resort, which I had completely forgotten about, was my pastels!

I was so excited because now I wouldn’t have to invest in a new medium; I was thinking of gouache.

So, I prepped the papers, chose my colors, and the result is ah-maa-zing!!

Watch a quick video showing my process of creating the background for my upcoming new designs for one of my product lines.

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