Corner Bookmarks

Never lose your place in a book again with a corner bookmark

Corner Bookmarks

Are you a bookworm?  In this overly technologized world, I’ll be your cheerleader for instilling the love of reading books.

I mean, physical books.  

Personally, I like to be consistent when I read a book. First, I’ll read the table of contents to get a better picture of what the book is about. Then, I’ll read the acknowledgment section before I start reading the first chapter and so on.  I do this until I finish the whole book.

Whether your style of reading is structured or not, I think we can all agree that we usually face the same problems: getting frustrated when you find out that you lost your place in a book, or misplacing your favorite bookmark.

Well, have I got a solution for you!

Corner bookmarks.

While a regular, tall and slim sized bookmark does the basic job of bookmarking the page, corner bookmarks have a unique feature, they help to secure the page you stop reading at.

I created corner bookmarks so you could enjoy reading your books and not have to worry about forgetting where you left off.

Watch my video that shows you how to use this corner bookmark.

Every book should be treated as an investment, one that should be looked after and taken care of. You definitely don’t want your books to have dog eared pages. So get yourself a quality bookmark that will not only appeal to you, but that will also help you to read more effectively.

Try one of my corner bookmarks and experience for yourself firsthand the change in your reading habits.

Wishing you happy reading in style!

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