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To start off 2018, I want to share my story on how I got started as an artist. Every artist‘s kreatif journey is different and unique.  Have you faced rejections from friends, coworkers, and/or even, sadly, your family members?  

To follow the path that you truly love is not easy, you must learn to work hard and ignore the naysayers who don’t support your growth as an artist.  

In my story, I highlight the most important part that helped me in my transition into a full-time artist:


  • My late mom was an artist. She was an inspiration to me when I was growing up.
  • I drew a lot of subjects but I didn’t encounter portraits until I was 13.
  • Did I end up being an artist? You bet I did! And this is how I finally achieved my dream to do art full time.

The United States

  • I achieved my goals of living in a foreign country and being featured in three countries’ publications
  • Leaving Portraiture was one of the hardest decisions I ever made. However, it also turned out to be a fortuitous decision as well, as I ended up learning new skills and knowledge.
  • Now I live to inspire other upcoming artists who want to pursue their artistic journey

Click to read my full story on how I got started to help inspire you to craft your own artistic journey. (Hint: see my first portrait that I did when I was just 13!)

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