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Selamat Datang! Welcome!

I’m Siti Nuriati and I believe you are Kreatif, talented and made the right choice to pursue your art.

If you’re facing one of these obstacles:


Objections from family members trying to convince you that artists don’t make a good living.


You’re concerned about paying massive art tuition and studying required art courses and media that you’re not passionate about.


You feel stuck in your cubicle job and wish you could have more time for your art.

It’s time to take your future in your hands.

I’m here to help you unlock your kreatif side.

I'm here to help you unlock your kreatif side.

Get motivated to start and polish your artistic skills through my FREE video tutorials. Learn techniques to create realistic drawings and paintings, using pencil, colored pencil, pastel and watercolor in my Fine Art Tutorials.  In Craft Tutorials, I share my steps that I’ve developed to create cards, general crafts and more without feeling overwhelmed.  Learn from my years of experience of being an artist in my new section, Kreatif Business Corner.  It will help speed up your artistic journey.

Unlock Your Kreatif Side

Kreatif School offers you the best of both worlds – individual workshops and courses in arts, crafts and creative business, under one roof. My mission is to help you master creative skills of your choice and basic creative business at your own pace. Courses focus on mastery of specific subjects in detail; longer, direct videos (from start to finish), tips, techniques that prepare you to start right away in your project and use the basic skills for life to tackle any subject matter on your own.

Picture of Siti Nuriati painting.

It started with a dream, a pen and a piece of paper. Find out how I got started as an artist and how my art journey has spanned two countries, Malaysia and the USA.

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My gift to you for becoming a MEMBER of Siti Nuriati Studio

Starting a Kreatif journey begins with investing in art & craft supplies. Whether you’re an artist or a crafter, you’ll find out that some of the supplies you use tend to be the same. In my one-page Kreatif Supplies List, I compiled and organized all the tools and supplies that I currently use. It will help guide you in choosing what supplies to buy for your kreatif journey.

Stop making excuses.  It's time to focus on your true passion.  Let’s start this wonderful journey together.

Enjoy your first to Siti Nuriati Studio!

With gratitude,
Siti Nuriati Husin
Founder, Siti Nuriati Studio