Siti Nuriati Husin

Voice Over Artist


Creative Service: Voiceover by Siti Nuriati Husin
Creative Service: Voiceover by Siti Nuriati Husin | Siti Nuriati Studio

Here’s my backstory on how I got interested in voice-over. As a teenager, I loved watching the news and admired the newscasters growing up. I’d record myself reading Malay/English text using a cassette tape and then play it back to hear how well I did. 

In college, I pursued a Diploma in Executive Secretaryship. There, we had to master shorthand. Our lecturers would dictate the text while we wrote it in shorthand. From there, I developed a love to read out loud.

Now, as a homeschool mom for over a decade, one of the most enjoyable activities that I love to do is to read out loud to my children (I still do that with my younger son). 

In February 2008, I landed a side gig as a Malaysian voice-over talent with a local production company in Los Angeles. I have done voice-over for them for over a decade.

I’m extremely passionate about voice-over. As a native Malay speaker, I can read Malay texts fluently with a native Malay accent. I can also correct already produced recordings that have incorrect pronunciations.

For my videos on YouTube Channel, Siti Nuriati Studio, I personally wrote every script and did the voice-over for every video. My husband, an actor and video editor, works together with me to prepare, record, and edit the audio and video. 

If you’d like to work with me on one of your future projects (phone systems, training videos, explainer videos, podcasts, narrations, commercials, or audiobooks), send me a message.

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