Welcome to the Daily Kreatif Painting Series Watercolor Fun with Siti Nuriati Husin

Welcome to the Daily Kreatif Painting Series

It's been awhile since I dedicated my time to paint seriously.  So this year, I’m doing things a little different.  I’ve challenged myself to complete a painting every day, for 100 days!  Although this is the first time that I’m doing a daily painting series on my YouTube Channel,  it’s not the first time that I’ve done a daily painting series.  Back in 2008, after I left portraiture, I decided to produce one colored pencil painting a day.

In the Daily Kreatif Painting Series, I’ll share with you a medium that I’ve never used before, watercolor.  The series started on January 2, 2017 and a new video has been and will be continued to be released every day, from Monday through Friday, for 100 days.  

What I’m really excited about is that this time, I recorded every painting. So, not only will I complete 100 paintings, but you’ll also get to watch me paint them:

100 paintings  - 100 videos - 100 days


The inspiration behind the Daily Kreatif Painting Series

The idea came to me after my younger son and I completed our 30-day watercolor daily paintings challenge in 2016. Over the summer, I had planned to do an activity with him since it was the summer holidays.  We were excited about the project as I had just bought myself a new watercolor set.  Every day we picked a different object to paint, and we just painted it.  We didn’t worry about creating a perfect painting.  We had so much fun just exploring the medium and spending time together.  


So, inspired by that, for this series, I’m allowing myself to paint other subjects, which I had never thought of doing before. You get to hear what my thoughts and feelings were about each painting while watching them form before your own eyes.


Video Library

We created a special page for the Daily Kreatif Painting Series so we can have a library of speed painting videos.  So, instead of going to my YouTube channel, you can just go to Siti Nuriati Studio and watch your favorite painting come to life.  

We're at Day 22 as I’m writing this post.  I waited a little while to inform you because I was deciding where to host the videos so you’d have one place to watch them all. The reason we did this is because I'm planning to continue to paint daily, even after this 100-day challenge has ended.  Who knows what series I might venture into next?

Also, you can subscribe to the Daily Kreatif Painting Series and be notified daily about the new painting for each day.  You’ll also have an opportunity to purchase my original paintings, too, once they’re added to my shop.

Welcome to the Daily Kreatif Painting SeriesClick the chocolate covered cherry to watch the first Daily Kreatif Painting Video

I hope you’ll get inspired as you watch the paintings that I’ll be creating in this series.  If you have any ideas and suggestions on what I should be painting, I’d love to know!

Stay kreatif,

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