What I Learned from the Daily Kreatif Painting Series

If you’ve been following my Daily Painting Series Watercolor Fun, then you know that I’ve completed 100 videos already. I’m so thrilled but also relieved that I finished it and published the videos on my YouTube Channel.  Even though I had planned to publish the videos 5 days a week, due to unforeseen circumstances, some weeks I wasn’t able to produce and publish them.

Here’s what I learned from this Daily Painting Series:

My Watercolor Skills Skyrocketed
No doubt, as I produced more paintings consistently, I improved my watercolor skills. I learned so much from this series while I explored a plethora of interesting subjects. I became more familiar with watercolor paints and I learned new painting techniques.  

A better writer
As I planned for the videos to be speed videos, I didn’t realize that as soon as I got down to work on the first video for the series, it couldn’t be a silent speed video. Why? Because I didn't want to use music. So it then dawned on me that I would have to write scripts for each video; 100 scripts, what was I getting myself into?! So, that part took me the longest. I had already completed the paintings early on, but the scripts were another story.

Enhanced Voice Over Skills
This is the one thing that I’ve never revealed about myself publicly...until now. This past February marks the 10th year of me doing freelance Malay voice-over(my native language). While I had no formal training in doing voice-over whatsoever, I learned quickly and enjoyed this part of the creative process. So, in my video series, since I don’t use music, I decided to narrate what I was doing as I showed how I painted my subject. If you’d like to start putting your content online and hate being in front of the camera, using your voice is the answer.

If you’re a new artist, Daily Painting is the answer to building a portfolio
Or learning a new medium. What’s cool about daily painting is that I’ve painted more in a period of 4 months than I had for the last 7 years, with just a trickle of artwork here and there since I left portraiture for good. This is not the first time that I’ve done a daily painting series, though, at the time, I didn’t know I was doing a daily painting series. Now, having 100 brand new paintings in my portfolio, I’m so elated to see the work that I’ve produced.

Prefer to listen? Click the video below: